Online Versus Traditional Shopping in Developing Countries Study Case - Kosovo


The aim of this study is to analyse the behaviour of consumers in developing countries with a particular emphasis on traditional shopping versus online shopping in Kosovo. Specifically it is recognized that online shopping replaces traditional shopping in all developed countries but it is worth noting that countries with emerging economies cannot yet claim to replace traditional shopping as a cause of civil awareness, technology awareness, online payments, etc. In this study we used the primary data to achieve the main purpose. The primary data were provided through the online questionnaire in a random sample of 300 respondents. The data were calculated using IBM SPSS concluding in the analyses such as descriptive statistics, frequencies, linear regression, Pearson Chi - Square Test and Pearson correlation. The paper comes with some key conclusions that online shopping in Kosovo is affected by the employment status and education and is not influenced by age and gender. Also we came in conclusion that the respondents prefer online shopping for one main reason – time loss reduction.
Keywords: Online shopping, Traditional shopping, Developing countries, Online channels, Marketing, Benefits.


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Bytyçi, S. (2020, April 27). Online Versus Traditional Shopping in Developing Countries Study Case - Kosovo. International Journal of Social Sciences Perspectives, 7(1), 10-21.
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