The Apperception Approach for Stimulating Student Learning Motivation

  • Lusiana Hasan Puteri Institut Agama Islam Darussalam, Martapura, South Borneo, Indonesia


Learning is a process for making changes to the thoughts, the knowledge and the behaviours that students acquire from a teacher. Various methods or ways in teaching and learning process should be experienced by teachers to ensure that the knowledge can be delivered effectively to the students so that the learning objectives will be successful. Students will be enthused by the learning process if they have motivation and passion in absorbing the knowledge. One approach to stimulate the student’s learning motivation is apperception. The apperception is a psychological interpretation of the mind, which is merged with the observations and experiences that possessed by a person. The appropriate apperception procedure will make the student feel relaxed and passionate when a positive behaviour usually reflects according to the learning process. This method is believed as one strategy that creates the successful of the teaching-learning process.
Keywords: Motivation, Apperception, Learning.


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