Imperatives of Career Management and its Effect on Employee Performance




Corporate education, Entrepreneurship education, Knowledge-driven, Learning, Management control.


Career management through corporate education is imperative to the survival of any organization due to the rapid changes in the global economy where business is knowledge-driven. Corporate education emphasizes management strategies and mechanisms for management control, co-ordination, communication, monitoring, learning and adjustment. It is expected that for these processes to be effective, organizational structures must become less hierarchical and more open to information and employee involvement at all levels to enhance adaptive strategies that require very flexible management processes. Eighty respondents participated in the study conducted through the exploratory research design using secondary and primary data. Result of the analysis of data showed strong positive correlation between career management and employee performance. The study was not however exhaustive due to some limitations. Therefore, further study could examine the relationship between career management and management failure at SMEs levels. Among others, it was suggested that vocational education should be given proper attention so as to prepare people for entrepreneurship ventures which hold the key to economic development in this century and beyond.


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Ugoani, J. N. N. (2019). Imperatives of Career Management and its Effect on Employee Performance. International Journal of Social Sciences Perspectives, 5(2), 47–56.