Managing Employee Relations and its Effect on Organizational Success




Organizational commitment, Career success, Mentoring, Recognition, Open communication.


Employees in an organization form the most important segment of productive capacity. Therefore, effective employee relations management is essential to achieve organizational success. In modern organizations employees need counselling, mentoring, and involvement, among other intrinsic drivers to motivate and boost their morale for necessary superior performance. Managing employee relations has deep psychological perspectives and requires that management uses recognition as a powerful tool to encourage organizational citizenship behaviour, job satisfaction, and employee happiness to promote career and organizational success. The exploratory research design was used for the study involving 108 respondents. Data generated through primary and secondary sources were analyzed through descriptive and regression statistical techniques and the result showed very strong positive relationship between managing employee relations and organizational success. The study was not exhaustive; therefore, further study could examine the relationship between organizational commitment and employee performance. It was suggested that modern organizations must cultivate the culture of open communication to enhance employee motivation and performance.


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Nnah Ugoani, J. N. (2020). Managing Employee Relations and its Effect on Organizational Success. International Journal of Social Sciences Perspectives, 6(1), 1–10.