The Processes of Recruitment and Selection of Personnel: Between Objectivity and Subjectivity


  • Alberto Escobedo Portillo La Salle Chihuahua University, Prol. Lomas de Majalca, Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico.
  • Federico Julián Mancera-Valencia Centro de Investigación y Docencia, Lucio Cabañas, Chihuahua, Chih. México



Selection, Recruitment of personnel, Competencies, Techniques, Social representations.


This study is the result of reflecting on the importance of the processes of attracting human talent in organizations, in order to consider the relevance of social representations in hiring decisions. The research is qualitative, descriptive and documentary; The method of hermeneutics is used, and as a technique the collection and analysis of written information. The various resources to support the choice of candidates for a position - widely known - are discussed since, even so, some companies lack personnel to fit the profile of the position; There may be nepotism in hiring, discrimination and even hidden policies that, rather than looking for the profile, are based on physical appearance, among other factors, in addition to the subjectivity attributable to the recruiter himself. It is essential to understand the needs of companies and workers, based on techniques that do not seek to objectively explain reality.


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Portillo, A. E., & Mancera-Valencia, F. J. (2021). The Processes of Recruitment and Selection of Personnel: Between Objectivity and Subjectivity. International Journal of Social Sciences Perspectives, 9(1), 1–8.