Effect of Feeding Bt Cotton Seed Cake on Nubian Goats Milk Characteristic, Gezira State , Sudan

  • R.H. Jangool University of Gezira, Sudan
  • I. Adawi. A University of Gezira, Sudan
  • F. S. Siddig University of Gezira, Sudan


Cotton seed is a traditional protein and energy supplement in the ration of dairy goat .The objective of the experiment is to explore the effect of feeding Bt cotton seed cake on physico-chemical characteristic of goats milk and milk yield .The experiment was conducted in EL Nesheeshiba, Goat Research Center, University of Gezira. Wad Medani, Sudan . Six Nubian goats, were divided into two groups each of three on the basis of their date of kiding .Each goat was housed individually. Each group receive the same concentrate except for the source of cotton seed cake. Where one group received Bt-cotton seed cake and the other Non-Bt cotton seed cake a rate 34%. The result revealed that there was no significant difference (P>0.05) in overall mean between the two groups in physical and chemical composition. But within month were significant different (P≤0.05) in chemical and physical composition. The milk yield was significant higher (P≤0.05) in all months in the goats feed on Bt cotton seed cake. It is recommended that further studies are needed to investigate the causes of the effects of Bt-cotton seed cake on milk characteristics and any possible harmful effects on human.
Keywords: Bt and non Bt- cotton seed cakes, Feed intake, Nubian goats, Milk chatacteristics.
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Jangool, R., A, I. A., & Siddig, F. S. (2018, December 7). Effect of Feeding Bt Cotton Seed Cake on Nubian Goats Milk Characteristic, Gezira State , Sudan. Open Academic Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 2(1), 9-13. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.33094/5.2017.2018.21.9.13
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